The internet has become a great place to store, share and to modify your images or images that you find elsewhere online. There is now no shortage of image hosting services and some of them do have massive memberships and have grown into quite large businesses getting many millions of unique visitors each month. And many of these sites operate on the very effective business model of being a “software as a service”, where users don’t buy or download and install any software on their computers; rather the software and its tools are built into the web site and users interact with the software through their preferred web browser. In this way, the developer of the software only needs to maintain and support one version of the software, and users will always be accessing the most up to date and current version of the suite of tools and so be able to get the most out of it all. It also typically means that users create an account with these software as a service businesses which is smart business for the web site offering the service, and it is smart for the user because all their data files get kept safe and secure in a central place where it does not matter so much if their personal computer crashes or dies.

For all this focus on the Internet on the image side of life, almost all has hosting them online as the critical element. The idea being that people now mostly want to share the images online, and that once they get online that there will be no need for off line printing of them. Yet there is still a vibrant print industry in the community, and not everything is only for ever to be shared online. Photo albums are still a strong seller in the stores, taking up pride of place on most home’s book selves.

EasyMoza is a Software as a Service Business Model

EasyMoza is one such business using the software as a service model, and it has grown its niche based on the very popular concept of people taking many of their pictures and morphing them or cutting and pasting them into a larger mosaic. And mosaics are very popular with women, who have historically found a romantic value to them because of the time and effort, the thoughtfulness and creativity the creator of a mosaic has used to pull it altogether. That is, take many photographs of a girl, and spend the time to build her a mosaic as either a birthday present or an ad hoc gift, and she will feel loved and appreciated, probably to reciprocate your attention paid to her.

With EasyMoza, users d not have to register an account; people can simply visit the site, use the tools, save the output locally to a thumb drive or hard disk and later print them out from anywhere. And these print sizes can be very large indeed, with EasyMoza recommending that the completed mosaic is best if it is about 120 cm by 90cm; roughly 4 foot by 3 foot in size. And it is likely that whilst most home computers cannot print it, the local print shop can do a great job and in full color too.

All mosaics usually come down to selecting the main photograph, which will anchor all the surrounding pictures and be the main theme of the completed work. With EasyMoza, in fact the main photo is what is comprised of all the smaller pictures; it is the center piece and the mainstay of the artistic impression to be gained. Ideally users won’t be best served by a main picture that has had too much zoom used in it, as the main item of interest in the zoomed out image will be too far away.

Then follows then need to select all the smaller images will be used to create the main photograph. And one of the features of EasyMoza is that all these smaller images will automatically be cropped and resized when they are selected and added to the mosaic and each one will be made into squares. So users should note that a horizontal landscape shaped photograph will have the left and right hand sides of the picture cropped off to make it square. And the top and bottom of vertically rectangle pictures will be similarly cropped, again to make them square.

EasyMoza Want You to Buy the High Resolution Mosaic File

And so after the main picture selection has been decided up, and all the smaller pictures have been uploaded, it only takes the one click of the “Create Mosaic” button for the software to busy itself creating the mosaic and the user only need wait until it is finished.

Providing of course you are happy with the finished result, it is a simple matter to save the work locally in Jpeg format to a hard drive or other device so that it can be kept, shared or printed later. Many competing mosaic services demand that users buy the print from them, and that may not suit most users, especially International ones. The downside however with EasyMoza is that their free download version is low resolution. And so what EasyMoza are aiming you to do is to visit their online store to buy a coupon so that you can download the high resolution quality version.

EasyMoza is free to use and try. It will only cost you money if you want the high resolution work to be saved. Other than that, it is truly a simple service to use because all you need to do is to upload the images. EasyMoza will be doing all the formatting and lay out decisions. As a user, your only creative involvement is the picture selection, and which pictures will be the small ones or the main central one. Yet because you have been the one to create the final finished mosaic, you become the legal owner of its copyright.