Over the last two decades, eBay has become a thriving worldwide marketplace. Their user base and selection of products is as varied as it gets. You can find one-off deals on new and used items, wholesale commodities and even super rare items. It’s a bustling online market that draws millions of buyers and sellers around the globe. Many browse for interesting items and special deals, whereas others generate income through a virtual storefront. Some have even built full-scale online businesses through eBay.

Now with smartphones and mobile devices it’s natural for us to access eBay on the go. However, to use the platform to the fullest we need an interface that’s optimized for mobile use. Without this browsing or monitoring sales feels cumbersome and inefficient.

Welcome eBay 4.0

This certainly isn’t eBay’s first venture onto the mobile platform. The previous versions of their application made good progress towards a simplified experience for mobile devices. However, feedback from their community presented a need for more powerful tools for listing items. Plus, buyers called for an improved interface for efficiently browsing the vast listings. Both Android and iOS users needed a simple but effective application, eBay responded with 4.0.

Why You Should Be Excited

It’s not mere a facelift or revision but a heavily overhauled application. They have managed to vastly improve the eBay app for buyers and sellers alike. The thoughtful redesign makes browsing faster and easier than before. It’s also highly customizable, granting users the chance to personalize. Remarkably they have simplified the app whilst bringing in eBay’s more advanced features. The new eBay 4.0 offers to streamline browsing, buying and selling on your mobile.

New Interface For Easier Navigation

The user interface has been carefully optimized for navigation on mobile devices. By identifying and focusing on eBay user requirements, they have made the process far more user-friendly.

The homepage is kept minimal. It consists of a menu icon on the left, a basket icon on the right then the three main channel tabs across the screen. The menu icon provides access to Profile, Messages, Watching, Buying, Selling, Help, and Settings. The three channel tabs lead you to the visual hubs named Activity, Shop, and Sell.

Quickly Check Recent Activity

Selecting the “Activity” tab brings you to a cluster of recent information on watched items, buying, selling and followed searches. At a single glance, you can be informed on your most vital stats. It makes it easy to recognize if action needs to be taken.

Scrolling through brings you to a selling overview section. Here you can find essential information concerns the items your selling on eBay.  Items sold, items unsold and current account balances are all displayed in an easily digestible format. It also allows for quick access to more extensive info by selecting view all selling items.

Continuing down will bring you to the buying overview. This section will quickly inform you of any current bids and whether you’re winning or losing. It provides a great monitor for bidding situations, allowing you to decide if you need to raise a bid.

This activity center ensures you won’t miss a trick on eBay. All your favorite searches are within fingers reach and recently viewed items are displayed ready for revisit.

Expert’s Tip: Want to view your followed members and searches? Tap the menu icon and select Following, or scroll to the bottom of your activity channel.

Refined Shopping Experience

Selecting the “Shop” tab will bring you to a dedicated page for finding new items. It pulls up similar items featuring free delivery, limited-time deals and even special collections. Best of all, the more you browse the more interesting and relevant this page will become.

Here you will also find a highly refined search engine. The shopping interface here is so well streamlined you may ditch desktop browsing for good! It’s very visual and intuitive, perfect for mobile use. You can efficiently work your way through search results allowing you to find the best items.

Every time you search the app carefully accesses your interests. It observes browsing habits in order to identify your key interests. Once it’s got to know you it will provide suggestions for relevant deals, sales, and events. As a result, the eBay app will actually help you find the best deals.

Expert’s Tip: The search engine is still as powerful as the desktop browser. Once you are viewing the search results, try selecting Refine option. You will be greeted with a list of options to help narrow down your search.

List New Items Within Minutes

The “Sell” tab brings up another great hub of information, this time for eBay sellers. Here you can monitor active or sold items at no more than a glance. Details such as “awaiting payment” and “paid items awaiting shipment” are also clearly marked. The eBay app provides a fantastic way to check up on your selling progress. Even if you forget to check the app can alert and draw your attention to order updates.

This tab also allows you to list new items for sale straight from the device. You can take photos and upload right through the app. All the tools are present for building a compelling advert. It can even provide you with helpful selling tips for those still getting started with selling.

Who Will Love this New eBay Application?

For those who need the full power of eBay whilst mobile, this application is a game changer. Many difficulties reported by eBay’s community have been addressed in this update. It’s now very easy and quick to monitor activity yet it’s packed with powerful tools.

There really are no drawbacks to downloading this app. It’s the only purpose built eBay browser and it’s great! The only danger is you may not wish to go back to eBay on your computer again. Sellers will appreciate it’s efficient for monitoring selling activity. Shoppers will love the uncompromised browsing from the palm of their hands.