Facebook has easily become one of the world’s most recognizable names in recent years. People everywhere immediately recognize the deep blue layout and bright white colors associated with the world’s greatest social network. And while a vast majority of people have traditionally accessed Facebook through desktops, laptops and Macs – the tide is beginning to turn much faster than most people realize…

If you’ve ever noticed that people in restaurants, grocery stores, shopping malls and virtually everywhere else seem to be using one common app on their smartphone devices – then this will all make much more sense to you after understanding that over half a billion people access Facebook exclusively on mobile. This means that more and more people are realizing that using the official Facebook app for iOS or Android is one of the most accessible, convenient and easy ways to connect with others.

So, if you haven’t taken the time to join the whopping 7% of the world’s population that’s accessing Facebook solely through mobile – then now could be the perfect time for you to reap the rewards of using the most active social network in existence!

Installing the official Facebook app on your iPhone or Android device is easy enough if you haven’t done so already. Simply tap on the ‘App Store’ icon if you’re an iPhone user, or visit the ‘Play Store’ if you own an Android device. Then, typing the word “Facebook” into the App Store or Play Store search bar is all that you’ll need to do in order to tap on the official Facebook app text that pops up, and instantly install the Facebook app onto your smartphone device.

After installing your new Facebook app, you may be required to sign up for a Facebook account if you don’t have one already. However, it’s convenient and completely free to use Facebook – so this is a quick and easy process that shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes at most. So open your new Facebook app, and tap on the text that says “Sign Up for Facebook” located near the bottom of your screen. Once you’ve completed the few simple steps that Facebook guides you through in order to register your new account – you’ll be ready to take advantage of all that Facebook has to offer.

Soon, you’ll be catching up with friends that you haven’t chatted with in years, viewing special pictures of your closest family members, and ultimately enjoying yourself to the fullest while using a free mobile app that can add huge amounts of value to your life.

Continue reading to learn more about some of the greatest features, benefits and special insights you’ll receive when using the Facebook app for mobile.

Navigating Your Facebook App’s Dashboard

Once you’ve successfully logged into your Facebook mobile app, you’ll be presented with a clean and simple dashboard that provides special, individualized areas to perform fun tasks. From here, you’ll be able to create “status updates,” find friends, view your personal news feed (which displays updates from those in your personalized social network), see incoming friend requests, and so much more.

The space displaying the “What’s on your Mind?” text is exactly where you’ll enter your “status updates” on the Facebook app. Writing a status update is a way of creating a unique story that you can share with your social network. Simply tap on this “What’s on your Mind?” text box to begin writing about whatever is on your mind that you’d like to share with the world! Creating status updates is an excellent way to show your friends on Facebook that you’re a thoughtful, creative and fun person to be around. Keeping your status updates playful and lighthearted is a great strategy to ensure that those in your social network enjoy what you have to say.

By tapping on the ‘PHOTO’ text located near the bottom of where you’ll be crafting your status updates – you can choose to incorporate photos from your smartphone’s camera roll into your status updates. Adding photos to status updates is an exceptional way to showcase your unique lifestyle to friends, family, and co-workers. Facebook also allows you to capture new photographs to use in status updates, rather than limiting you to using old pictures from your camera roll.

Creating consistent status updates for everyone in your network to see is a great way to keep others informed of what’s happening in your life. When people who you care about see that you’re enjoying yourself on Facebook, you’ll oftentimes have more interesting conversations, enjoy greater life experiences, and ultimately be able to showcase your passions to the world in a positive and healthy way!

Quick tip: It’s usually best to steer away from creating controversial status updates regarding “heated” topics on Facebook (think politics). When you keep the central theme of your status updates lively, fun and upbeat instead – you’ll generally have a much better experience using social media.

Adding Old Friends, Following Public Figures, and Gaining New Connections on the Facebook App

People typically flock to the Facebook app for one major reason

And that reason revolves around the fact that just about everyone who you know is already using Facebook!

So, if most of your friends, family members, acquaintances, and co-workers are already using Facebook – then you’ll simply need to find their Facebook profiles in order to “add them” as friends on Facebook.

When you “add someone” on Facebook, you’re typically referring to the notion of sending someone a “friend request.” And once you’ve sent someone a friend request, that person will then have the option to accept or decline your request. Oftentimes, people will immediately accept your friend request, and you’ll then be able to mutually view each other’s Facebook profiles and begin to interact.

To search for friends, public figures, family members, new connections or anyone else who you may be looking for – simply type their name into the ‘Search’ bar located at the very top of your Facebook app dashboard.

Searching for a particular name and tapping on the “See all results…” button will provide you with a detailed list containing all of the Facebook users with the precise search terms that you entered.

You can choose to follow public figures on Facebook to see what’s happening in the lives of your favorite actors, musicians, entertainers and more.

Or, if you simply hope to use Facebook to connect with family members and close friends, then that’s completely fine as well. We recommend that you write a list of all the names that you hope to find on Facebook, and simply look for them one by one using Facebook’s search feature.

It’s also important to know that you can enter someone’s email address in Facebook’s search bar to potentially locate them. This method usually only works if the person who you’re looking for has made their email publicly available on Facebook – but it’s always worth a shot.

Quick tip: It’s important to decide now whether you want to make your Facebook profile available to be seen by the general public or not.

What this means is that your Facebook profile is available to be seen by anyone by default. Some people are okay with this. But, if you hope to have a little bit more privacy in your life, then you can make your Facebook profile “private” by adjusting your “Privacy Shortcuts.”

To do this, first tap on the icon displaying three horizontal bars located on the far upper right side of your Facebook app’s dashboard.

You’ll then need to go all the way down to the “Privacy Shortcuts” setting, and select that option.

After tapping on “Privacy Shortcuts,” you’ll be prompted with the following screen…

These are some of the most important settings that you’ll have the opportunity to use on Facebook. Tapping on the “Who can see my stuff?” option is what we’ll focus on for now – as this setting alone will determine who exactly will be able to see the content that you post on Facebook.

Setting the “Who can see your future posts?” option to “Friends” means that you will be able to manually approve of each and every person who is allowed to view your Facebook profile. This option ensures that only people who you have approved as friends on Facebook will be able to view your future posts. This is a smart option for anyone who is involved in the business world or any other sensitive professional setting – as it provides you with a certain level of privacy and peace of mind in knowing that you have some level of control.

Of course, if you’re comfortable with the kind of content that you share publicly, then you can obviously keep your profile open to the public without a problem!

Interacting with Others on the Facebook App

By now, you should hopefully be able to find your way around the Facebook app with few issues. Facebook offers an easy-to-use and simplistic layout that becomes very easy to navigate after just a few uses.

Maybe you’ve even been able to figure out how to send a few friend requests, or create a few status updates for the world to see by this point…

But, you may now be wondering – “what happens next?”

Well, the possibilities that you can undertake on the Facebook app are truly limitless, and you are now free to run with your imagination and interact with the world! You can tap on the centrally-located “speech bubble” icon on your Facebook app dashboard to quickly install Facebook’s standalone Messenger app – which will allow you to communicate in real-time with anyone else who is also using Facebook’s Messenger app. This will allow you to send instant text-style messages to anyone in your smartphone’s contacts list that’s also using Messenger. You can even make voice calls in high-definition when using Facebook’s Messenger app. Facebook has made it simple for you to communicate with just about anyone when using their mobile platform.

You’ll also be able to “comment” on people’s status updates, “like” particular posts, and ultimately share your opinion with your entire social network. Facebook provides you with a multitude of ways to interact with your real-life social network from anywhere in the world. It’s an amazing digital platform that’s available to you whenever you please – simply by tapping on the deep blue “Facebook” icon on your iOS or Android device.

Overall, Facebook has turned interacting with others into a pleasurable experience – and you’ll soon be able to witness this firsthand as you find yourself reconnecting with old friends and family members, or possibly advancing your career through networking with fresh Facebook connections. Facebook even uses a series of special algorithms that makes it easy to add new friends to your social network. Facebook will suggest interacting with people who you may know as acquaintances, or even urge you to add “mutual friends” who would make great additions to your social network.

But, regardless of how you interact with others on this wonderful international platform – the bottom line is that you’ll likely find yourself socializing more often, having much more fun, and greatly enjoying your experience when using the official Facebook app for mobile.