One of the biggest challenges that organizations face today is quite simply that of collaboration. Organizations want to know how they can better use employee time and optimize the ubiquity of the mobile devices. Enabling seamless communication is certainly key to fostering collaboration and with the proliferation of mobile devices and the leaps in development taking place among the key mobile OS platforms; Android and iOS, collaboration ought to be easier. However, communication alone will not solve the problem as it must be will structured. Conversations taking place in different places must not lead to confusion and misplaced priorities. In other words, conversations must be streamlined regardless of the chat mechanism and device being used. Additionally, collaboration entails multiple participants within the same conversation or different conversations while maintaining a stream that is easily traceable and well-tracked.

FlowDock, a team collaboration app certainly meets the requirements of organizations looking to optimize the potentials of their employee workforce in order to catalyze innovation and change. Unlike other IM and even business-oriented communications apps, FlowDock combines many highly productive features and also includes many that simply stands it out of the crowd. FlowDock emphasizes the social in collaboration while achieving the objective of team workflow integration and shorter time to resolution of issues. FlowDock also goes the extra length of providing apps specifically for some platforms by having web-based, iOS, Android and even Mac OS X apps. In addition, if a user has an IRC clients, it will work well with FlowDock.

FlowDock boasts of being in use by some very reputable organizations. Examples of organizations using FlowDock include Shopify where the app is used to disseminate vital information within and between teams. Shopify also used FlowDock’s API to integrate with its internal teams for wider and more optimal use. TED Conferences engineering team also uses FlowDock to collaborate and ensure sooth flow of arrangements on changesets and deploys. The platform amplifies communication between and within teams as its system is built to ensure that anyone who is mentioned in a message gets both a desktop notification as well as a push notification to their phones. Communication is also well-archived to enable you search through all your chat transcripts anytime you wish. FlowDock ensures that you do not miss a conversation or get any mixed up since discussions are threaded and therefore, easy to follow.

FlowDock group chat is an ideal replacement for the usual Skype, Google and IRC chat used by teams for business communication. It certainly makes it easier for them to share their thoughts with other team members and even share files with them. FlowDock has designed the team inbox for maximum productive use by enabling it to accommodate correspondence from various sources such as emails and events which originate from customer support, project management and even source control among other tools. By so doing, team members are able to ensure that their own inboxes do not get filled up with correspondence better directed to more efficient locations.

Signing Up to Use FlowDock

FlowDock’s simple and efficient design is reflected in its signup process. It is a very straightforward process and easily completed within seconds. First, you need to get to the homepage at then locate the ‘Sign Up For Free’ link at the top right side of the page. Alternatively, FlowDock provides another ‘Sign Up For An Account’ button within the top section of the page. Clicking on any of these buttons will display a signup form on the page containing just three fields that require filling; Full Name, Email Address and Password. You can complete the process by clicking the ‘Create Account’ button after filing the details. FlowDock also provides alternative means for signing up using either your Google or Rally account. To use either of these alternatives, click on the respective buttons on the sign-up form.

Costs of Using FlowDock

FlowDock is a very cost-effective platform and places more emphasis on user experience than splitting features to squeeze more money out of users. To this effect, there are no pricing structures, multiple tiered subscription plans or confusing features. All it takes to use FlowDock for teams is one single plan:

  • Free: If a team has five members or less, it can use FlowDock for free and still enjoy all the features including unlimited flows and SSL encrypted connections.
  • $3/month: Teams with more than 5 members need to pay $3/user/month. The features enjoyed are the same; unlimited flows and SSL encrypted connection.

Users are not required to enter their credit card details if they decide to use the Free Trial offer and any organization is able to set a limit on the number of users signed up and in addition to being free for team of five and less, Non-profit organizations and student projects can also make a case for using the platform for free by contacting FlowDock directly.

Features of FlowDock

FlowDock is feature-packed for its users with the objective of enhancing productivity of business teams. Here are some of the features enjoyed by FlowDock users.

  • Chat: FlowDock ensures efficiency of your chat experience by grouping chat into flows thus enabling you to participate in as many of the flows as you wish. Grabbing attention of a particular teammate is as simple as mentioning the person’s name within the chat stream and a notification will be sent to the person both on desktop and mobile. Getting everyone’s attention for general announcements is as simple as using @all within chats. You can also drag and drop files, see the person typing, have private chats, image previews among many others.
  • Team Inbox: Users can see what other team members are working on, feedback from customers as well as what is happening on other online apps such a Github and Twitter. You can follow Twitter keywords, track activities on Trello, receive emails and custom content.