Over the past thirty years, the world has moved past just rhetoric about the convergence of telephones, television and computers to where now they are ubiquitous and seamlessly integrated, and to where now it is more difficult to buy a new device that is not so converged. Phones routinely have cameras with a much higher pixel rating than professional cameras of only a few years ago. People routinely upload video for others to watch on their computer via YouTube and similar sites. Computers are how many people now watch television, simply because the quality of the video resolution is much higher than non interlaced TV screens are, and by downloading TV shows and movies from the Internet allows people to watch them at will and not according to a TV station’s ideas of programming schedules.

The quantum leap to the quality of imaging from even the humble telephone camera has created an equal boom in the quantity of images being shared and distributed. We can almost be guaranteed that when there is an incident somewhere, at least one person will photograph or video it; often dozens will have done so. Our TV shows now routinely see people using their phone cameras to take pictures of anything from documents to family shots to share later with others. And this has all lead to people building up huge stores of pictures for their own photo albums, and their FaceBook accounts as well as for the fun of distributing them to other people.

FotoFlexer is Free to Use and Best of Breed

FotoFlexer is all about being the world’s singularly most advanced online digital photograph editor. It performs online the most advanced photo effects which were previously only available using expensive software reserved for professionals and graphic artists and their Apple Macs. Silly programs like Microsoft’s Paint program were never inspiring and are nothing like the power and functionality of FotoFlexer and I should not have mentioned them in the same sentence.

Founded by Arbor Labs, FotoFlexer was developed by a very sharp team of like minded graduate students and alumni, mostly from the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, University of California at Berkeley. There was also the involvement of one Stanford alumni included in the team too. Being web based, FotoFlexer can be accessed by anyone who has Internet access in the world, and they are continually bringing out new feature sets to further enhance people’s abilities to edit their own images in any artistic way they choose, and often with functionality that exceeds the world famous desktop application called Photoshop. Besides it being rich in advanced features, it remains totally free for all users.

Morphing is one such function and it is truly simple to morph one image into another with the click of a few buttons whereas only years ago it took great skill and a lot of work to bring about this effect. Resizing pictures to remove redundant and unwanted space is remarkably easy and results in no distortion whatsoever. And to insert a different person’s head onto someone else’s body and to color match them to appear natural again is simple and easy to do. To achieve these special effects, FotoFlexer uses an artificially intelligent solution known as “Predictive Pixel Partitioning” and as the name implies, each pixel is seen to have a relationship with the neighboring pixels.

FotoFlexer Gets More Done with Less Mouse Clicks

It’s all about getting more done with less mouse clicks, yet without the application only doing an exact cut and paste of the user’s action. That is, the action based editing system seems to interpret what the user wishes to achieve by means of its predictive technology, and it leads the user to the best result, allowing the user to simply add their own flavor to the work in progress to end up with the best result. Also particularly useful is how FotoFlexer integrates with third party services like Flickr, Picasa, MySpace and FaceBook so as to make it quick and easy to download your images from these sites for editing in FotoFlexer and then be able to upload them again when your work is finished. All it needs users to do is for them to enter their account details into the API (Application Programing Interface) built for the purpose of site integration.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of FotoFlexer when compared to advanced software suites like Photoshop, besides it being free and accessible from anywhere there is Internet access of course, is that it is truly simple to use. The tedious and complex way of splicing say a head from one pic onto the body of another pic takes a lot of time in Photoshop, and yet only takes a few mouse clicks with FotoFlexer to get all the colors and the outline to be perfectly matched in a seamless way that is difficult for the human eye to detect. It’s almost like you using a small paint brush to glue the two images together, and when you have done this with what seems right to your naked eye, FotoFlexer takes over and does the rest to predicatively pixelate the boundary of the two images to weld or glue them together in a balanced harmony of color. After FotoFlexer has done its part, you can go back to the join of the images and work on any tiny areas that need your closer attention.

And you can have as many layers as you want, so FotoFlexer is perfect for building large and complex collages which are always a winner for gifts from someone so thoughtful and caring to invest the time and energy in them. Collages are a great way to tell a bigger story and to commemorate special occasions ranging from births, deaths, birthdays, marriages or major community events. By adding potential dozens of photographs together in a meaningful way, the target audience cannot help but be moved by the quality that can be achieved with FotoFlexer.