For those who do not like crowded social media platforms, this is your chance for absolute privacy. Glassboard is a totally private social network stage. Initially created for business, Glassboard has proven the quality in its service by breaking through to the private social arena. Glassboard allows users to invite the people want to create customized groups. Currently Glassboard can be used to share messages, news, and even friends and family photos.

How do I sign up for Glassboard?

Signing up for Glassboard is amazingly easy. First you will have to open up the Glassboard website in your internet browser. The website address for Glassboard is If you are unable to click on the link to access the Glassboard website, simply copy and paste the link into your URL and then press “Enter” on your keyboard. Or you can simply type this address in the URL and again press “Enter”. Immediately you do this, you will find the page opening up easily. Once the page has opened, you will be able to see at the top right corner a tab labelled “sign up” click on the tab to get started with your process of signing up. Signing up is free since Glassboard doesn’t take any fee from its users. Once you click on it will lead you immediately to a new page with only a blank form in the middle. The form will be for you to fill out with the following details, your email address, this ensure that you fill appropriately. This is because it is your email address that will be reflected every time you want to log in to your account. Next you will have to provide your first name followed by your last name. Again here, ensure that you provide the right names as this will allow your group members to build enough trust with you. After your last name, fill in your password and again re-enter the password to authenticate it. Once you have done all these appropriately, click on to the “sign up” label that is right under your form. This will lead you to a new page where you will be given an opportunity to write a message to all the existing boards requesting to join their board, also you will be provided with an option to form your own board. Once you have done that you will click on send to ensure that your message goes through. In creating your own board, look at the extreme edge on the left hand margin of the website and find a place marked in blue “create a board” click on it and follow the instructions that you will find in order to create a board successfully. Once you click on it a small window will pop up in the middle of the website home page, giving you an opportunity to suggest your board name and also to add a photo, so fill in appropriately the following information, first the board name, if you want to add a photo click on add a photo and lastly click on “create a board” to ensure a successful completion in creating a board. You will have two other opportunities of creating boards. You can also invite other people whom you would wish to join your board. Simply click on the part under you board that is marked “invite” you will find it at the top right hand corner of the menu tab. Click on to it and fill the email addresses of the people you would love to join your board. After doing that, click on send invitations, when they accept your invitations, you will have successful situated a board of your own.

How Glassboard Works

Working with Glassboard is so simple. The moment you sign up for Glassboard, it will offer you up to 10 boards until your invitations have been accepted by other users. When the other people have accepted you invitations, you will be tied to your own group that will be only known to you. While Glassboard works exactly the same as Twitter and Facebook, here you will be tied only to a group with very specific numbers, you can start sharing any information you so much feel like with the group that you have formed from the accepted invitations that you sent.

Merits of Glassboard

Glassboard is absolutely free and it intends to remain so, therefore it is a special and unique way that ties you privacy and respects your desires while it does not charge you a dime. In fact with Glassboard it is only your choice to even include your photo or not. How lovely can an app get?

Since glass Glassboard is not an online survey tool or an online advertising stage, everybody who signs up for Glassboard will have their personal details kept private and released to only the people that the user has shared it with. This means that if a user chooses to share a document with his colleagues then Glassboard will not stop him, or even if a user chooses to share his private information Glassboard will still not stop the user.

However no one will be able to see a post from a person from a different group, or even be able to access any information whatsoever from any other registered user. Above all that the users will only be aware of their groups and not an existence of any other group unless two people from different groups know each other physically and they choose to divulge the information at their favorite meeting point.

Even though Glassboard is wrestling for the position with other major social media giants, it still lies a few steps ahead of the pack with its unique ideas of using completely private groups and boards in its social media platform something that none of the major social media service providers are doing. This way Glassboard is a solid entity that treats its users as a special client, something that has lack completely in other social media platforms.

Among the unique features that Glassboard offers are, group chat messaging with comments, push notifications and email alerts, an option to share photos, videos, and files. In all, Glassboard grants a platform for users that love social media, but still prefer to maintain their vital privacy.