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The business world has a lot of buzzwords and they are typically coined as a result of emerging trends in various niches and areas of business. One of such buzzwords in recent times is ‘collaboration’. Of course, this is not a new world but today, it is meant in the virtual context. Collaboration is used in contemporary business in a much wider sense to include various means of wireless communication between people working in teams and across various departments/disciplines. Today, the term collaboration has become a key foundation in building organizations that can effectively and efficiently tap into the creative side of its employees. However, as desirable as collaboration is to organizations, effecting it is a massive challenge and many have failed at it. As technologies evolve and workplace dynamics change, collaboration has often been a victim and its benefits have become more elusive as a result. Employees try to cope with the pace of work by using multiple devices and a wide array of online services. While these solve a set of problems, it causes another set by stifling collaboration as vital information/files/documents gets stored in various services, requiring frequent and tiring finger action to retrieve. Ensuring a convergence of various channels into a single virtual receptacle is therefore vital as is fosters cohesion and less distraction. A platform that also provides specifically for business-related chat and texting is also a sine-qua-non for any business professional in this age. The Hall app quite simply solves all these problems with its robust online platform.

Hall app is quite simply an online platform that enables business teams to chat and text in realtime. Why/how is it any different from many other services that offer similar services? While many other services tend to be a one-size-fits-all solution, Hall is tailored to suit the needs of business teams and it incorporates various integrations that enhance business performance, efficiency and productivity. Unlike many other online services that focus on chat or texting, Hall enables you to see notification from your accounts on many online platforms all in one place. Therefore, when you use Hall app, you can see notifications from Dropbox, Box, Github, Jenkins, NewRelic among many others. You can also integrate Hall app with your email and that is not all; whether you use iPhone, Mac, PC or Android, you download and sync your chats across all of them. You do not need to have a work-related email address to use the Hall app and it allows you to send messages to other users whether in or out of network. Hall boasts of an impressive number and class of customers including Intuit, Zynga, NetApp, Amazon.com and JC Penney among many others.

Signing Up to Use Hall App

Signing up to use the Hall app is very easy and straightforward. Navigate to the homepage and right at the upper section of the page, you will find a single field form inviting you to enter your work email. Go ahead, enter your email then click the Sign Up button. If you scroll close to the bottom of the page, you will find another ‘Sign Up’ button. Simply click on this button and the sign up page opens with a very simple requiring only your work email address. Once you enter that information, you only need to click the Sign Up button just below. You also have the alternative of signing in using your Google account and to do this, just click the ‘Connect With Google’ button just beneath the form.

Costs of Using Hall App

The Hall app is free to download irrespective of the device that you are using and the operating system. There are absolutely no charges attached to registering for or installing the app on your device but at some levels of usage, some charges apply and these charges typically account for well enhanced features enjoyed by the users. The subscription plans are as follows:

  • Free: This plan is free of any charges. The plan is well suited to business teams and it accommodates an unlimited number of users while there is no time limit attached to its usage. The features enjoyed under this plan includes Unlimited users, unlimited groups as well as unlimited integrations.
  • Departments: This plan costs $8/user/month. The plan is well suited to departments and it accommodates an unlimited number of users. The features enjoyed under this plan includes Unlimited users, unlimited groups, unlimited integrations, user management and data export.
  • Enterprise: This plan is yet to take off therefore no prices are available at this time. The plan is well suited to enterprises. The features to be enjoyed under this plan includes Unlimited users, unlimited groups, unlimited integrations, user management, data export, advanced analytics, data retention policy, active directory sync, single sign on (SSO), HIPAA compliance as well as dedicated support.

Benefits of Using the Hall App

Hall App offers a lot of benefits to business teams and some of those benefits include the following:

  • Group and Private Chat: The Hall App makes it very easy for users to send messages either in one-on-one chat or group chat. The users may be within or out-of-network.
  • Sync Across All Devices: Hall offers users a seamless chat experience across various devices. It does not matter whether the device is Android-based or iOS (X), user chats are safe and easily retrievable.
  • Secure Communication: Users enjoy high-grade security when using Hall. This is because the platform leverages cutting-edge technology and in addition, observes industry best practices applicable to data encryption and transfer.
  • Single Location Notification: Hall also allows you to receive notifications from your favorite online services right within the app. This is via its integration with other online services and with this feature, you will be not have to keep logging in to various services or switching between various windows just to check files and data. Hall simple places all right in one place for you.