While chat have remained very popular on the internet, its adaptation has taken several turns and evolutions. Today, many platforms that offer web-based communications capabilities also have chat services embedded. However, even with this proliferation of chat services, there has been a growing demand for a richer chat experience, one that is devoid of technical issues as many have been. The possibility of creating their own chatroom has become more alluring to internet users as this provides them with a measure of privacy which they may not find on the regular chat networks/platforms. Additionally, being able to build their own chatrooms provides opportunities for customization thus allowing them to have a look and feel of an environment that reflects their personality and/or purpose. Although some services have been available that provide chat clients which can be downloaded and installed, they have not been without technical issues and challenges. These have ranged from tendency of java applets to cause computers to ‘hang’ sometimes as well as the requirements of the applets to gain access, albeit ‘trusted’ into the user’s computer. These and some other challenges caused intending users to either avoid using many chat clients or simply uninstall after trial.

As an online chat client, Mibbit has become very popular mostly because it offers many different features that set it apart from the other chat clients. The service supports many platforms including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, SeaMonkey, Safari, Opera, Nokia N800, iPhone and Wii. Unlike most other chat clients, Mibbit does not need any special browser plugin to enable it work. All it requires is that the device be Javascript-enabled and it will work just well. Currently supported applications by Mibbit include Twitter and IRC but the platform is working on adding other platforms to its retinue of supported platforms. Mibbit is also designed to enable users provide a chat window on their websites thus providing capability for online, realtime chat.

Features of Mibbit

Mibbit offers its users several amazing features that make it very pleasurable to use. Here are some of them:

  • Available Widget: Mibbit provides users with a widget to access the platform. Users can use the main client as well as the widget client. Additionally, the platform has developed a ‘Premium widget’ which packs additional features but that comes at a cost.
  • Swift: The Mibbit client is very easy to use. It is also light in terms of size and its performance is not resource-draining in spite of its blazing performance.
  • Security: Mibbit provides users with enterprise-grade security via its SSL support. Chat is therefore secure.
  • Device Identification: Mibbit is able to immediately identify the device being used and adapt to its peculiarities immediately. For instance, the user can see that the person at the other end of the chat is using a Wii if the joystick icon is displayed.

There are other features enjoyed by Mibbit users and these include the ability to view recent chat messages, save and edit preferences, create aliases and access user menu commands among many others. It is also being used extensively and its users include websites in various niches such as technology, gaming, business, sports, blogs, communities and internet radio.

Using Mibbit

If your objective is to use the Mibbit main client to create your own chatroom, the best means of doing that is to proceed to irc.mibbit.net and create a channel there. Once you connect to the server, you will find directions to Create Your Own Nickname or Create Your Own Channel. You just need to select the preferences you desire, set up aliases for commands which you use frequently, set your filters as well as autoconnect for automatic connection to your preferred servers and channels.

Mibbit allows you to embed a chatroom in your website by using its widget. This creates a customer engagement forum on your site thus prolonging customer stay. This widget is a boost to sites looking to increase customer engagement. While Mibbit provides default setting including skins, there are other options if you prefer and alternatively, you could just import yours. For users who have existing software such as wiki forums, Mibbit typically has a plugin for that purpose.

Creating an Account on Mibbit

Mibbit allows user to create an account very easily on its site. Having a Mibbit account allows you to do a lot of things such as storing preferences and favorite channels, archiving history of private messages, enjoying secure access to chat provided via SSL, accessing filters for replacement of words the user sends and receives as well as ability to configure skins, colors, smileys and sounds.

In order to create the account, simply navigate to the website homepage at Mibbit.com and click on ‘Sign Up For Free’ button located in the middle upper-section of the page. This will open the sign-up page which has a form with just three fields. These are; Email Address, Username and Password. If you wish to sign up for the Premium Chat Widget, click on the ‘Premium’ link on the ‘The Widget’ tab on the homepage. When the ‘Widget Manager’ page opens, click on the ‘Create Free Widget’ button and on the sign-up page that opens, fill in your Username, Password, Email Address and Website URL.

Costs of Using Mibbit

Mibbit is free to use except for the Premium Widget. Pricing is as follows:

  • Basic: This costs for this plan start from $9.99/month and $99 annually for customers with 1 domain and a limit of 25 users. For 1 domain and a limit of 100 users, it costs $24.99/month and $249 annually.
  • Midi: This costs for this plan start from $49.99/month and $499 annually for customers with 2 domains and a limit of 250 users. For 3 domains and a limit of 500 users, it costs $69.99/month and $699 annually.
  • Max: This costs for this plan start from $99.99/month and $999 annually for customers with more than 5 domains and more than 1000 users.