It seems there is no limit to the imagination for the types of online web site applications, otherwise known as Software as a Service (SaaS) business models that people come up with. Certainly it is true that buying software on a CD and then installing it on your computer and having it get outdated from the even before you found it on a retailerís shelf somewhere, the online web site application model is here to stay. The huge server farms that run the software only need the most up to date version running, and when ever you log in to your account on those servers, you will always be using the latest and most up to date stable version of the application. Plus as is usual for such business models, you are often able to interact with other users in a social networking sense which can be very useful when collaborating on projects or simply just wish to share ideas and concepts with other like minded people sharing the same interests. Not to mention that you can access your account from any internet connected computer and not have to rely of taking your computer to everywhere you go.

Simple Mouse Clicks Allow you to Quickly Add, Change, Cope and Paste Music Notes to the Chart

Note Flight is one such innovative business which has produced a very unique software application. Its purpose is to help people to compose music scores; that is the sheet music with all those odd symbols on them that many musicians need and use to learn a new song or musical piece. Before Note Flight, musicians that use sheet music had to write them out laboriously by hand, knowing the tone of each sound that comprises the total song. But with Note Flight, they take an entirely different approach. And it is pure genius. Imagine how an image editor works; where from an image or a blank canvas you use the tool bar to add text or special effects to it. Note Flight has a similar concept, but from the tool bar you access a notes palette, and using your mouse, you click on the note you wish to add to the music sheet and click where you wish that note to appear. The site then makes the sound of that note when you do so so that you can be sure it is the same one you want added. And with clever use of the mouse, you are able to add strings of notes together. And for example, if the second four bars are the same or similar to the first four bars, then you can copy and paste them to where you want and then make whatever changes to that second four bars.

Easy to Modify Your Music, and to Share it Online or Embed it in Blogs or Email

And over a short period of time, assuming you know what musical notes look like in sheet music, then you can quickly developing your sheet music in very short order. When you have developed your piece, you can then save it to the Note Flight servers with the name you chose so that it can be accessed later for further work. Doing all this by hand would be a very time consuming exercise indeed. Yet there is vastly much more functionality to Note Flight. When you first save it to the servers, it is set by default in privacy mode so that only you can access it. But by clicking the sharing tool bar, you have several options for how you can share your music with others. The first option is that you can share it with other users and members on Note Flight with the click of a few buttons, and it can be found in the Note Flight web site search tool. Alternatively, you can copy the URL (web site address page) and then email it to your friends or whoever you wish to share it with. And the email recipients do not need to be a member of Note Flight to listen to your music. The third way to share your musical score is to copy a embed code from the same share panel so that you can embed the link in a blog or web site page. Any visitors to that blog only need to click the link to hear your work played. And very cool is how when they are listening to your work, the music score scrolls along in time with that part of your music they are listening to. By itself, this can be a powerful teaching tool for people learning how to read sheet music. That is, they can follow the music as they listen to it.

Note Flight IS the Perfect Learning Tool for People Wanting to Learn Sheet Music

Learning how to use the software is remarkably simple even to a complete novice. Note Flight has a very simple to follow series of videos of how the tool bars work, and you will get the main ideas from the overview video. The other videos get deeper into the precise functions available for you, and nothing is difficult to learn from these videos. It is remarkably straight forward and very well thought out, and while kids will find their brains digest it with ease, even adults to old to learn new tricks will be excited by how it all comes together so easily. From use of your mouse, to how placing notes on the chart change as you place them and copy them, through to drag and drop methods for change a basic note into a series of notes, itís a lot of fun. And certainly any student of music should make available these tools to more rapidly advance in enjoyable way their learning process. And of course, any time you wish to revert to paper so as to have it in front of you while you play the music with real instruments, simply print it out for use the old fashion way.