Amazon becomes the first port of call for the large majority online shoppers. Successfully they have grown into most reliable and well-trusted online outlet of our time. Not only are they competitive on price, they feature insightful reviews and detailed product information. For the savvy comparison shopper, the Amazon store represents a primary benchmark. As we shift to browsing on our mobile devices are eager for greater convenience for shopping online too. Yet browsing Amazon on a mobile web browser leaves a lot to be desired, it’s cumbersome at best. Thankfully we have a great alternative, the official Amazon application. It grants full access of Amazon’s resources whilst providing a mobile friendly interface.

Mobile Optimized Store

The application is free to download and available to both Android and iOS shoppers. It focuses on fulfilling the basic functions of searching, browsing and purchasing goods. Plus it features a couple exclusive scanning tools that perform work fantastically. It’s not without minor flaws, the interface certainly calls for further refinement. Yet it still provides an efficient way to access Amazon through your mobile. For religious Amazon users, window-shoppers or buyers, it’s an essential download.

Highlights of the Amazon App

The application grants full access to the millions of products available on the Amazon database. You can search and browse with great efficiency, viewing product details and customer reviews at will.

It’s uncompromising for regular Amazon users. Sign in to access your existing Amazon account, your cart and your ability to shop remains intact. 1-click settings, wishlists and tracking of orders can all be accessed easily through the app.

Real world products can now be quickly checked against the mighty Amazon database. The “Scan it” feature allows you to quickly find products using the barcode alone. A similar “Flow” feature allows for product identification using images.

New smart features have been integrated into the application. Voice control can be used for searching and tracking orders. You can enable automatic shipping notifications and share products to other platforms and social media.

Finally, it’s globally compatible. The application allows you to sign in and access any of the international Amazon stores.

Note: Prime Subscribers May Need Additional Application

Once you have installed the app you will need to enter your existing account details to sign in. After confirmation, you will be greeted your homepage with recommended and highlighted products. In essence feels much like the usual web browsing experience.

For those subscribed to Amazon Prime, you will see your Movies and Shows available to watch. However, to actually watch them you will need to install a separate “Prime Instant Video” app. The same goes for their music streaming service, you will need to install “Amazon Music” to listen. It’s certainly not a showstopper, but it’s a shame these services could not be contained within a single application.

Optimised Access to the Store

Navigating the Amazon store through this application feels quite familiar compared to the traditional web browser. You can still access different categories through Amazon’s Departments. Or you can check out the carousels to explore your Recommended or Highlighted products. Getting around the store is quite simple and only requires basic swipe gestures. Visually the interface feels a tad cramped, product icons are little too large and uncomfortable. It’s only a minor irritation, but hopefully this will be addressed in further updates.

Searching for an item is achieved by typing your keywords into the main search bar. Alternatively you can use integrated scanning features. Tap the scan icon on the right-hand side of the search bar. Hold your device in landscape orientation and close in on the barcode using the orange viewfinder.

Very Useful Tip: Searches, tracking, and reordering can be activated through voice commands. Tap the microphone icon on the search bar and clearly speak your commands. For example, you could use “track order”, “track last order” or “reorder soap”.

Real World Application of Amazon Scanners

The “Scan it” barcode reader proves surprisingly reliable during real life application. It easily recognizes most household items, video games, DVDs and even cosmetic products. Once it successfully reads the code you will be brought straight to the Amazon product’s information page.

The application has another neat scan function called “Flow”. You can use this to match product by using a front face scan. It’s especially good at finding games, movies, music, magazines and books. It quickly compares your product against Amazon’s product image database then returns the best match.

These scan functionalities are a dream come true for avid comparison shoppers. From now on whenever you enter a store you will have an effective online price comparison tool in your hands.

Once a product is successfully located, the application allows you to quickly add it to your cart or save to a wish list for later.

Very Useful Tip: The scanning tools don’t perform their best in dim light conditions. If you have trouble scanning a product, first try moving to a better-lit area.

Amazon Shopper’s Delight

For anyone who is already a regular Amazon shopper, downloading this application is a no-brainer. It provides a great interface for mobile shopping and sticks to a familiar Amazon layout. The biggest bonus has to be the inclusion of the ingenious scanning tools. It’s a game changer those who like to quickly price check their products online before they purchase in store.

There are only a couple minor points that bring the application down a peg. Firstly the interface is calling for revision, reducing the icon size would increase comfort significantly. As it currently stands it can feel a little squashed. Also to access Amazon’s additional services, music, and video, you need to download additional applications. No biggie.

As a bottom line, this application offers the best way to use Amazon on a mobile device. It’s free and can only get better with updates. For the superb scanning functions alone it’s still a secret weapon every shopper needs in their arsenal.