In today’s modern age of billions of regular Internet users, it would be a very rare person who does not currently have one version or another of the various instant messaging applications around. Almost at the beginning of the Internet revolution, from 1996 instant messaging exploded into popularity with ICQ taking the early lead and it quickly grew to be more than one hundred registered million users. Typical of big business always being short on innovation but rich in capital, ICQ was bought out by America Online after which it languished into a stable business unit, but it soon lost its lead to the likes of AOL Messenger, MSN, and Yahoo Messenger; none of which have been particularly innovative with new instant messaging features. And this is what happens when big business dominates a market segment; all innovation ceases because of “management by committee” and because their creative founders have long since left the organization.

ooVoo is Leading with its Innovations and Social Networking Integration

However we have a new contender with instant messaging applications called ooVoo and it shows great promise for what it already has included in its product offering. In fact it can do all of what the major applications can do, but far more as well. So if you expect to be able to video chat with your friends, sure you can with ooVoo. But in addition, with ooVoo you can always record up to five minutes of video chat message for a friend who is not an ooVoo user and have it sent to their email address. It’s as simple as clicking the “Actions” tab, and then “Send ooVoo video message” and when the window opens up, click “Add recipients”. From here you can add email addresses manually or import your entire address book from any of the major email service providers.

Video chatting with Twelve Friends at the Same Time is Only Possible with ooVoo

And with ooVoo you can simultaneously video chat with up to twelve friends at the same time. Or you can have six friends on video with another six friends on voice calls all at the same time. Certainly the likes of MSN and Yahoo Messenger are not even dreaming to develop such functional power in their legacy, old fashioned and lame applications. Indeed, the major applications like MSN and Yahoo struggle to keep their services consistently online and so notions of innovation are never considered.

Getting Started and Just Some of the Things You Can Do with ooVoo

Getting started with ooVoo is very straight forward and easy to do. From their web site, it is a simple download of the application, and by double clicking the file, it will install itself for you. And then it is a simple matter for you to create a new account with your name, email address and password. But very special is how you can use your FaceBook log in because ooVoo is fully integrated with FaceBook. Using your FaceBook log in has all the benefits of you being able import your contact list quickly and easily with no fuss at all.
And far from being just a useful tool for consumers to use; it in fact was built around having tremendous functionality in the educational field and commercial world to. That is, it is all about desktop sharing, large file exchanges, as much as it is about messaging. And so this is very powerful for making a presentation to a group of contacts, which all can see your screen after to click the “Screen Sharing” icon while you talk them through your presentation.

Taking this one step further, ooVoo fully integrates with all the smart phone technologies like Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone range. Make a video call to any of your contacts, and when that first call is connected it is a simple matter of adding up to 12 contacts to the same video call. This is real power, and not likely to ever be possible with the likes of MSN or Yahoo. And with ooVoo, all of your video chats can be recorded and saved for a later time with up to one thousand minutes of recorded video allowed to be stored in your premium account.
ooVoo has been purposefully designed to integrate with social networking in mind, most especially FaceBook. If you did not use your FaceBook log in to register your ooVoo account, it does not matter because you can click the FaceBook icon at any time to link both your ooVoo and FaceBook accounts and then chat with video, voice or text to your FaceBook friends at any time. Clicking the YouTube icon in ooVoo is also a very exciting additional function; where you can record and upload you video chats or messages with just the click of a button to your YouTube account.

ooVoo has Real Power for you to Connect with Anyone, Even if they Are Not ooVoo Members

One extra feature that makes ooVoo special and clearly a much better application that the major applications is how you can create your own personal “Call Me” button which makes it a simple mouse click for your contacts to click a link to open a video chat with you by using their web site browser; even when they don’t have a ooVoo account themselves. You can use the “Call Me” button as part of your signature in outgoing emails, or have it embedded in your web site; anywhere other people can click the button.
Adding friends is perhaps the easiest of all things to do. With the click of an icon, you are quickly and easily able to important all your existing friends from your email contact lists, Windows Live (MSN), Yahoo messenger, AIM, and ICQ, your Twitter account, Facebook or MySpace. And so if you use all of these applications and services it is very simple to pull them all into the one place inside ooVoo.
Because ooVoo is free, there is a discrete advertisement always showing on the right hand side of the application window. For an annual fee of $29.99, you get an extra two free months with no advertising shown.