PayPal still reigns king as the go-to payment service worldwide for secure online transactions. Acting as an intermediary between bank accounts and merchants, sensitive information is never exchanged. They also provide additional protection against fraudulent activities. Looking after both buyers and sellers. For these reasons quickly became the primary payment method for the giant online market that is eBay (who since acquired PayPal). Over the years, the service proved invaluable for shoppers and e-commerce businesses around the world.

PayPal With Great Mobile Convenience

If you have a PayPal account and a mobile device, you will want to download this application. It’s official, free and available for iOS and Android platforms. PayPal now empowers its users to manage their accounts with greater convenience. With its simplified yet equally powerful interface, it’s an ideal way to use on the go.

Whether you have an Internet connection, money can be transferred or requested at any time. It opens new possibilities such as quick payments between friends. Check up recent account activity within seconds, without sacrificing your security. The app even facilitates in-store purchases at designated cafés, restaurants and shops. PayPal dubs this innovative solution as your new digital wallet.

Sublime Interface For iOS and Android

The application’s interface is clean and minimal for both operating systems. PayPal has done an excellent job at keeping it as user-friendly as possible. On Android you will find a collapsible menu T the top left of the screen. This is used to navigate between the four main channels: Local, Activity, Send & Request and Wallet. iOS users can access these same channels at any time from the bottom bar.

The “Settings” page can also be accessed through this menu. This page enables users to make quick changes such as notification settings, login/account details and app homepage.

Make In-Store Purchases

PayPal actively encourages you to expand the use of their services to in-store purchasing. The “Local” channel allows you to locate any nearby businesses that accept this service. However, in action you may find the number of merchants a little limited. PayPal is still expanding to bring new businesses on board. Yet ultimately the usefulness of this feature is dictated by your location. You can search in different locations and check it out for yourself. It’s certainly a nifty feature if you do visit an eligible place frequently.

When it comes to performing in-store payments, the app provides a safe and speedy process. First you log in to your PayPal app. The merchant is able to detect online PayPal accounts within the vicinity. They will identify you by your profile name and photo. Then you must select which account you wish to pay from. The merchant will confirm your identity and allow the transaction. Some participating restaurants even allow users to place their order and pay together through the app.

It’s a fantastic feature but not likely to be used regularly. Whilst payment delivery is very reliable, it’s receiving slow adoption from larger retailers. At least for the moment, mobile payment does not seem to be widespread enough.

Very Useful Tip: Remember to upload a photo and name to your profile. It’s essential for your in-store verification process. Select the main menu, Settings and then Photo (Under My Account). You can either take a new photo or upload from your gallery.

Check Your Recent Activity

The “Activity” channel details all your most recent transactions in a list format. Each entry holds a name, sum and brief description. More information including transaction ID and status is also available by tapping the entry. The display system works well, at a glance you can easily locate and check a recent payment.

Send & Request Funds

Sending and receiving funds has been streamlined for mobile, but remains similar to the online procedure. On the “Send and Receive” channel you will immediately see a form for capturing the recipient’s details. Begin by filling in their email address or mobile phone number, then the sum you wish to send. Select whether the money is for friends, family, goods or services so PayPal can allocate an appropriate fee. You still have the option to send a short message to accompany your payment. To finalise the transaction, you must tap “Review”, a good reminder to ensure your details are correct.

For requesting payment, you should select the “Request” option on the top part of your screen. Then you will need to complete a similar form as mentioned above.

Behold Your Digital Wallet

The “Wallet” channel provides a visual overview of bank accounts and credit cards linked to your PayPal account. You can switch which cards and accounts are to be the default for your transactions. Note, any sensitive information such as your account numbers will always be masked here. You can also add new payment methods such as credit or debit cards, bank accounts, loyalty cards or even “bill me later” options.

Security Remains Paramount

The PayPal application does not open any breach in security. It’s careful to uphold your privacy and prevent unauthorized access through your device.

For a start, none of your important banking details are visible through the application. What’s more, it strictly locks as soon as you leave the screen. It will require password re-entry to gain access or alternatively you can set up a pin code. Every time you go to move funds or make payments it will also ask again to proceed. The profile photo feature adds yet another barrier against imposters for in-store purchases.

No Need For Notes, Tend to Business on the Spot

Current PayPal users will wonder how they ever managed before downloading this wonderful application. It’s an ideal way to harness PayPal’s full capabilities whilst on the go.

Convenience for iOS and Android users is greatly increased without a single sacrifice in security. It’s easy to get to grips with, and all functions are simple to perform through a mobile device. My only gripe is the current limitations of in-store purchases. Those who live outside of the capital cities may struggle to find much use for this feature.