Pinterest is not just another snazzy social media platform. It’s a journey of visual discovery, through a growing collection of photos and images. But what truly makes it special is the user’s ability to tailor the experience based on their interests.

It’s virtual bookmarking whether users come to build and share their creative collections. You can use powerful search functions or follow trends to find images, products or ideas then link them to your profile. You may build your own albums, borrow other’s or follow your favourite contributors.

With a network so incredibly diverse almost every interest can be found flourishing within. It’s easy to connect with others sharing similar interests, leading to deeper discoveries. Truly it’s an amazing way to explore through digital media.

Rapid App Developments

The Pinterest platform performs superbly whilst browsing on computers. Yet the growing wave of smartphone popularity has since crowned mobile browsing king for social networks. Therefore, Pinterest developed their own official application to please mobile users.

Their free application provides a streamlined portal into the Pinterest network. It compliments the platform well, offering high clarity images with easy navigation for exploring.  Users are still able to perform key functions for searching, saving and following. The Pinterest team has done well to optimise ease of use and has become wildly popular for it.

Most amazingly this application is regularly updated at a blistering pace. The company always has their ears open for community feedback. Then they implement improvements for both iOS and Android on a monthly basis! The company demonstrates a sheer commitment to keeping their fan base happy. The app is not allowed to fall behind, only becoming more polished over time.

What Can I Do With the Pinterest App?

With millions of active individuals on the network, the app is used in a countless number of ways. Below are a just a few inspiring ideas to get going with the Pinterest app.

  • Search and discover new delicious recipes to cook for a family meal
  • Find advice on self-improvement for health and wellbeing
  • Travel through the eyes of others around the globe, explore virtually
  • Learn more about your hobbies and interests from other passionate users
  • Find inspiration for anything from home décor to vehicle customization
  • Discover new quirky gift ideas for friends then purchase them

Quick Start Pinterest Guide

Pins are now your visual bookmarks. If you come across an image you like, tap the pin icon to save it for later. You can now easily revisit the image or view useful information. This may include the website or instructions on how to buy.

Boards provide an area to organise and collate your pins. You can name and fill them however you like. Your boards are saved on your profile then you can share them with others.

Secret Boards and Group Boards are only visible to those you invite. They could be used for creative projects or anything you want to be kept private for now. You can always open up the board for free viewing later.

Your Home Feed is the homepage for your Pinterest interface. It displays a collection of recent new pins. They are kept relevant by using your selected interests, followed people and boards. Recommended and promoted pins will also appear here too.

Following keeps you connected with key interests and helps populate your home feed. If you see someone with a similar pinning taste to you then follow them or the boards they create. If you change your mind you can always Unfollow them later.

To discover new interests simply type some keywords into the search bar. As you are browsing you can use the Category Feeds to broaden your field. For example, you could check out the “Travel” category when looking for new holiday ideas.

Your Profile provides access to all of your pins and boards. Once you have built a vast collection it can visually display your personality to other users.

Feel free to interact others users. You will be notified whenever someone like your pins, comments, follows or mentions you. This makes it easy for people with common interests to connect.

Expert’s Tips:

If you pin something you don’t like, you can unpin it. Long press the image then select remove on the menu.

When viewing a Place Pin, you can tap “About this place” to receive more information.

Powerful Search Tools Granted Now to Mobile Users

Searching the vast Pinterest database calls for more advanced search tools. Previously the results were buried as Pins, pinners or boards. Now the whole process it a lot more controllable, the new filter icon allows you to view results through each filter separately. Relevant keyword suggestions are now added as you type. This enables you to quickly narrow down the focus and find your target easily.

The mobile app was recently gifted a smart feature named guided search. By analysing your keywords, it provides relevant portals to discover more. For example, when searching for “running” it may suggest “music” or “motivation”. It’s especially useful with non-specific searches as it opens you up to new ideas. Pinterest continually helps you explore and these updates make it far easier.

An interesting addition is a new trending indicator. It’s been added to the search but only currently for the US. By tapping the search bar, you can receive a glimpse at the hottest trending searches on the network. It beautifully demonstrates the popularity using hot to cold text colours.

Is the Pinterest App Worth Downloading?

The official mobile application will enable you to navigation Pinterest’s network with ease. Those who already love pinning will marvel at the speed and convenience the app brings. It retains similar appearance and functions to the web interface, whilst using a stable mobile interface. Operations such as pinning, browsing, creating boards are all intuitive and user-friendly.

Another bonus is the frequency of updates. Plus the company quickly reacts to user feedback. Pinterest has done well to craft a near perfect app, it’s free and only getting better with age!