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Someone who is familiar with the social media platform can indeed find this application very much relevant. Shortmail as an application has simply changed the face of emailing platform by integrating it with the characteristics of other social media platform among them Twitter. Shortmail has instead provided its users with a concise, unique, and direct way to receive mails. Indeed it has limited the characters that one can use on its messages to 500 and in turn also eliminated attachments, and file exchange. This means that a Shortmail user must stay focused only to the most relevant details of his mail and avoid any other unnecessary information.

How Do I sign Up for Shortmail?

Signing up for Shortmail is indeed very simple. First you will have to open up the Shortmail website in your internet browser. The website address for Shortmail is http://shortmail.com/. If you are unable to click on the link to access the website, simply copy and paste it into your URL and then press “Enter” on your keyboard. Or you can simply type this address in the URL. Immediately you do this, you will find the page opening up easily. Once the page has opened, you will be able to see a section labeled in red at the top right hand corner. The section is marked “sign up free.” Once you have identified this section, click onto it to instantly lead you onto a new page that will provide you a new form that you will be required to fill out appropriately. Therefore fill out this form appropriately with the appropriate information as required. First of all fill in the first section with the name you intend to use once you have created a successful account, or your username. This name could be a personal choice or simply part of your original name. The moment you are able to choose an appropriate name, choose a password that you intend to access your account with and fill it out on the section marked email with your appropriate email address or the email address that you feel very comfortable using. Once you have successfully done this, choose a password and fill it right at the section marked password. This sections lies immediately after the email address section and again confirm this password by re typing it in the immediate provided part. Confirming a password is only intended to ascertain that the password that you have entered is the correct one. In case you passwords do not match you will be required to retype both of them in the allocated section. Once you have done this ensure that you do not uncheck the small box at the right of the section marked “confirm password” once you have ensured that this is done, click on the tab that is right under it and is also marked “sign up.” In turn a new mail will be instantly sent into your email address. The email contains a link that will be used to activate the services that Shortmail will be able to offer to you and to also create a suitable account. Therefore access your email account by opening up a new webpage on a new window. The moment you have opened this new window, log in to your email account and access the inbox. In the inbox you will be able to find a new email that has been sent from Shortmail services. Open up the email and access its contents. You will be able to find a link in the email that will allow you to activate your Shortmail account instantly. Therefore click on to this link. The moment you do this, it will lead you straight to the next place which will be to sign in to your Shortmail account.

How Shortmail Works

The moment you have signed in to your Shortmail account, you will be able to find all your contacts already forged with your Shortmail account. Therefore you can now start emailing your contacts immediately through the use of ShortMail. Just go to compose and create a message that is not more than 500 words, select the contact that you intend to send it to and the moment you are done composing the message, click on send.

Merits of Using ShortmaiL

Shortmail will offer you a stage for putting together quick short messages. In turn it will be convenient whether you are travelling or simply in your office. Therefore irrespective of where you are Shortmail will ensure that you have an audience with the people you require. The application also comes in very easy to use gadgets among them iPhones and Android phones. This will allow you to connect to very many people, and also to use an interface that is indeed beneficial to you. In addition to that Shortmail has a public platform that will indeed prove very convenient just in case you want to send mass message, or create public conversation. In doing so it will save you energy, time, and in turn enhance your production. Above all that, Shortmail is available for free to any user that may want to enjoy its services. There is no subscription fee that you will incur through signing up. So there will be no need to worry. Instead you will even be able to link up your free twitter account when signing up, this will lead to enhanced performance and fun filled usage.

This is the most concise email application of its kind. With all messages remaining under or at 500 characters to be sent or received, Shortmail has created a disciplined group of users. The users cannot also work with attachments, but can send mass messages that can be accessed by everyone. By doing this, Shortmail provides public conversation effectively. This is what makes it to simple remain exceptional.

Shortmail has features that fascinates and serves well. Registration and log in via twitter, send messages on convenience, post and respond to public messages, elimination of attachments, and access to mobile phones. This is what also makes its name, Shortmail. Therefore it is an application that hasstayed true to its brand.