Social media has revolutionized people’s lifestyle, how we eat, live, interact and even conduct business. Leading on the forefront is When it comes to connecting to millions of people around the world in the most fun and entertaining way has been one of the most influential social media networking sites. A lot of success stories can be traced on this site, from people meeting their soul mate with just a click of a button to rekindling of old relationships that was in high school to networking and meeting potential business partners; this is what a social networking site should be all about.


The question most people ask is why Well:

  • Considered to be a growing social media site it proves to be one of the networking sites that will soon have millions of active users and this is just the beginning. The buzz and rave reviews of it being one of the fastest growing makes it have an edge in terms of growth capability and everyone wants a piece of a fast-growing entity.
  • Open to all ages, networking is not limited to a work scenario albeit with any person of different age is allowed to join thus not locking out any particular age group therefore population of all ages are allowed to register and be part of the exciting community.
  • Navigation has never been made easy like from registration to interacting with friends around the world being user-friendly means that all that you require in a proper social media networking site is available here.
  • In the age where most networking sites are being hacked what better way to have a sound sleep knowing that you data security over is safe and secure.
  • No hidden charges! You do not need to pay a dime in this hip and chic site once you register you are good to go.

How to register?

Registration is quite easy and within 1 minute tops you will be almost done with joining the fun nation and this simple registration process is split into two easy ways:

First by checking the left side you will either have an option of login in through your Facebook account or even Google plus account. The accounts are still secure owing to the secure The step only requires you to use your Facebook or Google Plus account once and all your information will be synchronized after allowing the website to use your profiles there.  Voila! You are now a user.

The next method is by registration through your email on the right-hand sign of website. Fill in all the details required and fill in the security verification code, once an email will be sent with the link to your profile and you are good to go to explore the new and exciting world of The process is as simple as filling in the correct details of your profile and thereafter the account is seamlessly linked to your data.

Either way any of the two methods is fast and easy therefore you won’t any help to open the account which is absolutely free. All the data and password for your profile are secure at the servers. All you need to have is either you mobile phone or a laptop/PC, once you have them internet will also come in handy and thereafter you just register and log in to the website. Follow the steps as described above and within a short time you will be chatting away with your friends planning the next meet up or planning that coffee date with your newfound friends at

How to find friends on

Once you have built your profile getting noticed is a matter of getting your account active through completing your profile and also building your network with other friends around the world. By being active through keeping your journal and uploading your videos and pictures your profile rises with more people within your friends network getting to rank your profile giving you a headway in interacting with more and more people at

Finding a friend has never been this easy, picture this, you are a user and would love to go for a coffee at your favorite coffee shop, but you would love some company… All you have to do is search for friends living nearby your home with be their friends and share common interests and hobbies. How easy is that?

This does not mean there aren’t any other methods of finding people you know through the website. For people you went to school with all you need to do is search for the name of the school you went to on the search bar which will bring the profiles of the people who have attended the same school you were in. With just a click of a button, you would be interacting with you long lost friends and catching up on all the time you have missed. This begs the question why are you not on

Furthermore with you can build your profile from your imported contacts whether by email or contact address you have on your friend list. By creating your profile online with the site, as a user you will be able to search for contacts around your town, neighborhood, city, and even workplace and as such enhance more friendship and chat as you plan your next hangout with your new found friends.

When you are registered with the website the feeling of freedom and cool features and the great user interface is almost immediate. Every navigation is eye pleasing and easy to move from searching for groups to friends to searching for new friends. For example, if you want to search for people and friends you know of you just click on the “Friends” search bar click on the name of friend or friends you are looking for and let do the rest of the work for you.

In a nutshell is for those who want to be cool, look urban and form long lasting friendship and bonds to millions of other friends around the world. With no limit to ages and places, you can practically be friends with all people from different parts of the planet. With, the possibilities are more than limitless with its user-friendly nature and easy navigation moreover the two-step registration process makes it worth your while and at the same time knowing all your data is in safe hands and secure will give you the confidence to use the network without fear. Accessibility of internet and mobile phones or PC is enough to get you started right away. The reviews and the users testimony on long lasting friendships stand out among the best social media networking sites to date.