With today’s abundance of free communication apps like Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger that are so commonly used – you may have gotten the feeling that many of these new-age tech companies are trying to completely disrupt the traditional telecommunications industry for good!

And, if you have gotten that sense before – you’d be absolutely right in believing that some of these young companies want to essentially replace your home or mobile telephone number with their own extremely tempting new digital communication services.

I mean, the idea of canceling your traditional home and mobile telephone service contracts and saving upwards of $100+ per month does sound appealing…

But, should you really take the plunge and cut off all traditional methods of communication in favor of using these disruptive, high-tech apps that claim to give you practically free calling features?

Well, that will ultimately be a decision you’ll have to consider after reading this article and becoming much more informed about what’s happening in the fascinating world of free, or otherwise dirt cheap mobile communication solutions.

What we can tell you for now is that using the official ‘Skype for iPhone’ mobile app, or the ‘Skype – free IM & video calls’ mobile app for Android can provide you with a life-changing mobile platform that offers so many perks, with such little downsides, that it’s practically a must-have app for your smartphone.

The 300 million people actively using Skype would probably have to agree!

So read on to learn more about how exactly you can make the most of using the Skype app for iOS or Android and potentially save LOTS of money while making national or international voice calls, video calling friends and family from around the world, and communicating with co-workers and clients with ease…

Getting Set-up with the Free, Official Skype Mobile App in Under Five Minutes

In case you don’t already have a user account with Skype – you’ll need to quickly register one in order to use your Skype app for iOS or Android. It’s best to take care of this now, as it’s a fast and easy process that only takes a minute or so.

You can create your free Skype account here.

Alternatively, if you already have an account with Microsoft (Hotmail or Outlook) then you can use either of those account credentials to sign in to Skype.

After registering your new Skype account, you’ll be ready to install the official Skype app for iPhone, or you can, of course, choose to install the official Skype app for Android.

Once you’ve set up your Skype account, and installed your official Skype mobile app for iOS or Android – you’ll be ready to begin learning about all of the exciting benefits that using Skype on mobile has to offer.

Enter the Skype Mobile App for iOS and Android: A Fast, Free and Efficient Way to Communicate

Simply open your new Skype mobile app, and sign in with your Skype Name or Microsoft account credentials to get started.

After signing in to your Skype app using your Skype Name or Microsoft account, you’ll be guided through a quick, easy and automatic process in which Skype verifies your mobile phone number and then imports many of the contacts stored in your smartphone’s contacts list into your Skype app’s address book.

Once this synchronization process is finished, the contacts from your smartphone that are already using Skype will soon become available to be reached through your Skype app!

You may find it surprising to see just how many of your contacts are already using Skype.

So take a quick look at your new Skype app navigation menu – because this is a screen that you could be seeing quite a lot (with many more calls and messages listed, of course).

And this is what your “recent calls and messages” menu will look like after you’ve interacted with quite a few different people:

You may notice that my personal “recent calls and messages” screen represents a very international audience. This is because the Skype app enables me to interact with business clients from Russia, Belgium, Canada, India, the United States and virtually everywhere else in the world – free of charge.

Quick tip: Scheduling when to have the perfect Skype call is possibly the only difficult aspect of using Skype – and this doesn’t even have anything to do with the app itself. This is more of a “timing” concern, which most people who use Skype frequently are used to dealing with. The best solution I’ve been able to come up with for this small “time zone” issue is using World Time Buddy. This is a free web tool that allows you to enter multiple international destinations and automatically find the perfect time to hold a Skype call that’s convenient for everyone. Americans and Australians can now easily schedule Skype conference calls with one another – even while being in very different time zones!

Optimizing your Skype Address Book: Get in Touch with Friends, Reach Out to Family Members, and Work with Business Associates from Anywhere in the World

Your address book on Skype is an extremely valuable asset that you never know exactly when you’ll need to use. Your Skype address book or Skype contacts list can be found by tapping on the middle icon of your navigation menu, or by “sliding” to the next screen over.

On this screen, you will most likely see some of the contacts that have been automatically imported from your smartphone’s address book. If this is the case, then you can simply tap on any of your new contacts’ names to bring up something that looks similar to the following screen:

Simply tap the big blue “Connect on Skype” button to instantly reach out to your friends, family members, business associates or acquaintances on the Skype mobile app! Once your contacts manually approve of your “Connect on Skype” requests – then you’ll be able to communicate with anyone you wish! As long as your contacts receive your requests to connect, you’ll be able to communicate with virtually anyone who is using Skype across their various electronic devices (PC, laptop, mobile and tablet etc.).

Once you’ve connected with a few of your contacts on Skype, you’ll then be able to interact in many different ways using this very menu. The two icons located in the upper-right corner represent a Video Call feature (this is the video camera icon) and a Voice Call feature (this is the telephone icon).

Tapping on either of these icons will allow you to initiate Video Calls or Voice Calls with any of your contacts who are currently accepting calls! Best of all, Video Calls and Voice Calls are FREE when you attempt to call other Skype users (i.e. you aren’t calling a mobile phone number or a landline).

Many people take advantage of Skype’s free internet calling features for this reason alone. Skype has provided mobile users with an absolutely free method of utilizing voice communication. This is a massive breakthrough in mobile technology that provides amazing benefits to everyone, from business-class working professionals to those in third-world countries who can’t afford pricey international calling rates. Skype has simply created a solution that allows everyone to win through their free internet calling features for mobile.

The Skype mobile app also makes it easy to send instant text-style chat messages to those in your Skype address book. Simply write a message in the box that displays, “Type a message here” to send text messages and/or Mojis (Skype’s version of fun smiley faces and other expressions).

Again, Skype has provided users with various ways to get in touch with contacts – so there are no longer any excuses for not being able to reach out to those people in our lives that are important to us.

Quick Tip: If you would prefer to call mobile phone numbers and telephone landlines from your Skype mobile app then you can absolutely do just that by purchasing either Skype Credit or one of their monthly subscription services. Skype offers competitive calling rates that are typically a much better bargain in comparison to what traditional telecommunications companies can offer.

The third and final icon displayed on your main navigation menu represents a picture of a telephone. After tapping on this icon, a screen which shows your recent call activity will be displayed.

This is a fairly straightforward menu that displays a list of your entire inbound and outbound calling activity! Easy enough, right?

Adjusting your Official Skype App’s Settings, Displaying your “Mood,” and Getting a New Telephone Number Specifically for Skype

Tapping on the three horizontal bars located in the upper-left corner of your Skype screen will prompt a new window to open. This new window will present you with access to your Skype app’s Settings, your unique “Mood,” and even a possible Skype Number…

Writing a short message in the text box area that says, “Enter mood message here” will allow you to showcase your current mood to your entire Skype network! This can be compared to creating a status update on Facebook, or even sending out a Tweet on Twitter. You’re simply writing about your mood, thoughts or anything else that you wish to share with your Skype contacts through this little box.

The rest of the menu items in this window are quite simple to manage. Here’s a quick rundown of how to use these options:

  • Tap the blue “slider” bar when you want to toggle between being available and unavailable to your contacts
  • This is an excellent feature which allows you to keep your Skype app running in the background of your phone without actually needing to sign out
  • Your Skype Credit reflects how much money is remaining on your account that can be used towards calling landlines and mobile phone numbers
  • Your Account options allow you to manage your personal and contact information
  • Call forwarding is a great feature that allows you to forward your Skype calls to a landline or mobile device
  • Your Skype Number option is where things become a little more interesting…

Tapping on the Skype Number option will provide you with the opportunity to purchase a new telephone number tailored specifically to your Skype account – if you choose to do so.

This is an interesting feature that allows users to take telephone calls from just about anywhere. If you enjoy traveling internationally or need to attend to frequent business trips, then this could be a nice feature for you to take advantage of.

According to Skype’s official website, this is what they have to say about their Skype Number feature:

“Skype Numbers let family, friends and colleagues call a number from their mobile or landline at local rates and you answer on Skype wherever you are in the world. Numbers are available in over 20 countries/regions and include voice messaging so your contacts can leave a message when you’re offline.”

Again, if you enjoy extensive travel, or even if you just want to have a second phone number, then getting a Skype Number could be a great option for you.

Overall, this is an app that will provide most users with tons of value in the form of free to very inexpensive voice and text communication. If you hope to keep in touch with various family members, friends and colleagues who may be scattered across the world – or even just scattered throughout your local city, then using the Skype app for iOS or Android is an exceptional idea that you should consider implementing right away.

Installing the official Skype app for your mobile device is a fast, easy and free process, so there are very few reasons that we can think to warn you of prior to using Skype for mobile. This is an app that’s successfully being used by over 300 million people worldwide right at this very moment, so the Skype mobile app is a proven concept that likely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Digital voice communication tools in the form of mobile apps like Skype belongs to a hot new theme that is only just beginning. We believe that Skype has taken part in launching a trend that is truly changing how people communicate with one another. If you haven’t hopped on this bandwagon just yet – you may want to join in on the action soon because things are really beginning to heat up on this side of the industry. Skype is a powerful voice and text communication app that’s changing the world for the best. Install it today!