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Most people connote that mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea. But when it comes to TheFind.com, having the combination of the two will bring a favorable outcome simply because it is effortless, systematic, and not to mention entertaining. In the year 2006, Siva Kumar and ShashikantKhandelwal established the electronic commerce, which is by the way legally protected. The ambiance of the website is shaped to cater the finest online shopping experience for consumers and suppliers altogether.The team members that comprise TheFind carefully select each and every single store before having it listed on the website. The motive behind the action is because they want to filter out the shops that are not of a high standard from the good ones.

The site can be accessed at whatever time or place, provided that the person is using a functioning portable computer and smartphone. When a user manages the search bar, based on the typed in keyword or phrase, it will display a complete list of the most appropriate results.Search results of users will also be based on his or her public profile and preference in shopping. TheFind has an incredible shopping index or inventory with an astounding number of five hundred million (500,000,000) products of over five hundred thousand (500,000) shops.

If the person is still having doubts of buying the merchandise s/he is fond of, it can be saved and viewed again next time. TheFind keeps track of all checkouts, receipts, and shipping information at a later date.Comparing prices of various stores with matching goods are made easier, too! In the event of sales and good deals, the website will notify its users for them to enjoy the opportunity.

On the other hand, one strong point of TheFind for merchants is the use of tools, free of charge, which improve and make their items more noticeable. The Merchant Program is absolutely free and is expected to help in the increase of inventory turnover.Additionally, the website will help consumers be directed to the right shop–another bonus for the sellers and shops listed or included on the site’s index.

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How does one become a user in the website?

If the reader of this review is interested in joining and utilizing the website, follow the succeeding steps to enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience at TheFind.com. First off, the person must choose which Wi-Fi ready and easy-to-use device s/he wants to put into service: A smartphone, tablet, laptop, or the old-fashioned desktop computer. Once a modernized technology has been selected, an internet browser must be opened. The URL of the web browser should be http://www.thefind.com. The homepage of the site will be seen. On the upper right corner of the page, click open “SIGN IN” and a new window will pop up on the screen. If the person has an existing Facebook, Google, or Yahoo! account, s/he may opt to choose any of the three, letting TheFind gain access to it.Another option is by creating an account. Click “Don’t have an account?” to have one immediately. Three fields are required to be answered: An e-mail address for verification, a password for protection, and re-typing of the password. The form would also want to know what the future user’s gender is; male or female. The person must specify if s/he is under or over thirty-five (35) years of age. If the user wants to be notified in cases of price reductions, sales, and a limited offer of coupons, the check box must not be left blank. After the button “SIGN UP” is clicked, the person understood TheFind’s terms of use and privacy policy.

How does TheFind work?

For shoppers, the most productive way of using the website is through the search bar. A tip would be entering the user’s location for the reason that it narrows down better search results. A nice feature of TheFind’s search field is that it has autocomplete–for a great source of suggestions. The items can be arranged from the best results down to the ones with the highest and lowest prices. At the right side of the page, there are several components that could be tweaked: The range of the prices, colors, wattage, brands, reviews, capacity, and so much more. Talk about a top-class assistance! TheFind is indeed user-friendly and dedicated in displaying only the best products and deals. Recent searches are saved and can be viewed again on the website’s homepage.When an item has been selected, a new page will appear; the shop or seller’s page.The user is advised to view the description of the item, customer reviews, and the price. On the new website, by specifying the quantity, the shipping address, and the payment method,the item can be purchased and delivered right away.

As for the aspiring online shopkeepers, setting up one is fast and very simple. The web browser’s URL must state the following: https://merchant.thefind.com/. The Merchant Center of TheFind must be opened. Step one would be the identification stage. A store name should be given, alongside its home page. The store’s primary country and currency must be selected. Evidently, first name, last name, and e-mail address are also needed. A password of at least seven (7) characters is needed, and as well as the phone number of the person. S/he is needed to type in the verification code and agree to the terms of service. The second step comprises of the store information like the payment methods, shipping options, customer service, details of the store, and the messages and programs for marketing. When the needed fields are already answered, “Next >” ought to be clicked. Verify the store and it is done!

Advantages of using an online shop like TheFind:

TheFind’s main purpose is to offer an optimal and the most functional online shop. By transmitting a sense of jack-of-all-trades vibe and having an efficient website, people are bound to go back after some time. Brand enthusiasts have the chance to see whether or not the products they want are included in the list and available for purchase later on.

Efficient not only for shoppers, but also for shopkeepers–that is how TheFind operates. It does not consume too much time because it already has a built system to provide an unparalleled service. TheFind.com is innovative and simple to use!