With a unique approach to social media, Twitter quickly grew to become one of the most popular platforms of today. Users express themselves using rapid-fire snippets of information.  The network also encourages discovery by following other users and finding trends. The diversity is simply astounding. From big brands engaging their customers to obsessed fans following their favourite artists.

Twitter is an interactive exchange of thoughts, pictures, information and links. For some it’s a source of daily inspiration, but for other it offers a glimpse behind the scenes of events and public figures. Even breaking news can be found circulating the network at a blistering pace.

The Beauty of Mobile Tweeting

Whilst Twitter can be accessed through a computer browser, using it on a mobile device really brings it to life. Having Twitter in the palm of your hand only reinforces the spontaneous nature of the network.

Thankfully the official Twitter app is free and available to for iOS and Android users to download. It provides a highly convenient interface for both Followers and Tweeters. It enables a user to post quickly and browse effortlessly. Since the majority of users use this application it receives strong support and regular updates. The latest edition adds a number of great functions, but let’s cover the basics first.

What Can The Twitter App Do?

The mobile application enables you to perform all key Twitter functions. As a well-optimised interface it makes it easy to perform the following tasks:

  • Publish tweets with various media (text, pictures, videos, gifs, emoticons, emoji and vines)
  • Follow #Hashtags and discover Tweets relating to your interests
  • Deliver tweets onto various other platforms (Facebook, email, text message, Line, Whatsapp)
  • Embed tweets with links to other media platforms (Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify or Pandora)
  • Send private messages to other users (140 character limit now removed)
  • Gain sneak peeks behind the scenes at major events
  • Stay up to date with people of interest or celebrities

The Twitter application is an effective tool for receiving local and worldwide news. Best of all it keeps you in the loop on the stories you’re most interested in.

Expert’s Tip: The application allows you to share tweets directly to other users. Tap then hold the tweet you would like to share. Then simply select the individuals you would like to send to.

Getting Started: The Basics of Mobile Tweeting

Head to your device’s app store, then download and install the Twitter Application.

Once launched you will be prompted to fill to log in or register a new account. After filling in your details you will be ready to begin the basics:

Posting a new tweet:

  • iOS users tap the tweet icon
  • Android users tap “What’s happening?”
  • Compose your message (140 characters maximum)
  • Tap “Tweet” to publish

Reply to or mention another user:

  • Tap the @ symbol on your keyboard
  • Observe the dropdown menu of users
  • Refine the search by typing
  • Tap the required user to embed them in your tweet

Use Hashtags:

  • Tap the “#” symbol on your keyboard
  • Observe the list of suggested trends
  • Select one from the list or type your own

Post a photo:

  • Tap the photo icon
  • Choose to take a new photo or select from gallery
  • Apply filters and crop image
  • Select “done” (you can add up to 4 images to a single tweet)
  • Tap “Who’s in this Photo” to tag others.
  • Type full name or @username to find the required user

Add your location:

  • Tap the location icon
  • Your location is detected then added to the tweet

Remove a tweet:

  • Touch to select the tweet you wish to delete
  • On Android tap the trash icon at the bottom, confirm delete
  • For iOS tap the more icon (…), select delete tweet

Further Refinement with the Latest Update

Social media is a constant evolution, but it’s clear the Twitter team have been closely following. Their most recent update helps both iOS and Android users find best parts of Twitter with less digging.

“Moments” is a smart function that allows tweeters to keep up to date with top stories. It displays all conversations, pictures and clips relevant to key interests.

The visual elements of the interface have had a minor refresh. It feels tidier and cleaner than previous versions.

They added two great additional features. The ability to pin tweets was transferred over from the desktop client. Also, the “Discover” tab has been reworked and replaced with new “Trends”.

More About Pinning Tweets

Pinning tweets is no longer an exclusive feature for computer browsers. The updated mobile application now brings this nifty tool to iOS and Android users.

Now you can pin your favourite personal tweets to the top of your profile, regardless of their date. Pinning your best tweets you can ensure your visitors will see them quickly. As a result, your profile can be tailored to give the best impression and encourage new followers.

Expert’s Tip: Pinning your tweet is performed easily. Simply open any tweet, select the menu and choose “pin to profile”.

Uncover Hot New Trends

In Previous versions, the #Discover tab was a mediocre attempt to provide relevant topics and hashtags. The “Trends” section offers a vastly improved method for making new discoveries.

Find the Trends section by selecting the Search tab. The key improvement is the addition of descriptions. It’s especially useful for hashtags since they can be hard to understand when taken out of context. Now it’s much easier to navigate and find new interests through Trends.

You even gauge how viral a message is by checking the indicated number of tweets and whether interest is gaining or declining. It’s a very useful tool in addition to “Recommend Tweets” and “While You Were Away”.

Should You Download the Twitter app?

If you already use Twitter, you are truly missing out! The official app provides a great way to interact on the thriving social network. These recent updates have further increased the ease and efficiency of the app.

It’s true there are other Twitter clients available, yet this official app is a fine choice for most. It’s backed up with solid support, regular updates and the additional functions fantastic for exploring. Get Tweeting!