If you are searching for the right chat platform for your website, your search is over. Add the power of real time chat to your website and give your customers and clients access to your team form the comfort of their computers. Do not make customer wait for an email or a call back, give them the information they want and need when they need it. Answer their questions quickly, help them find what they are looking for, close more sales,keep clients and customers happy, and do it all with the perfect chat platform for your site- Userlike.

Perks for Userlike

Customize Chat to Your Users
Make your chat platform fit your site and meld with the rest of your site. Whatever your site offers, if you want to communicate effectively with your clients, you need to have a chat window and platform that fits the needs of you and your customers.

Efficient Chatting
Userlike is built around simplicity and ease of use. You will get a natural and effective workflow between team members and a smart routing of incoming chats. When things run smoothly behind the scenes, the customers get a more enjoyable chat experience.

Designed for data driven companies
Track the success of your chat efforts. See what works and what does not and track the areas your best customers come from. Target areas and shift focus as needed so you can address customer needs, draw in more clients, and improve profits.

Team Work
Effective teamwork is key to an amazing service delivery. With Userlike you can spend more time on the clients and less time worrying about the behind the scenes working. All chats are automatically delegated to the queue and assigned to the team member who has the most open slots- meaning that the wait time is less for your customers.

Adapts To Your Needs
Although Userlike is a standardized product, the open and flexible manner in which it is built allows it to be extended and adapted to your preferences and business processes. With a custom package we can offer a full service package, guiding the implementation based on your goals, offering know-how and training.

Getting Started With Userlike

p>It is easy to get started with Userlike and begin using the system. Creating an account involves a few simple steps and will have you register an email, user name, password, and some basic personal information. You will enjoy the following benefits from your membership with Userlike:

Userlike Chat

Get everything you need for a first class chat experience:

  • API
    Access your data via Uerlike’s revolutionary API set up. Make the chat systems work for you and adjust them to meet your unique needs.
  • Analytics
    Get detailed analysis of your customer interactions and see the impact you are making with your customer base and look for ways to improve relations, improve service, and better the end results.
  • Proactive Invites
    Offer proactive support by automatically inviting your visitors to a chat when they visit your site, access certain pages, or idle on a page for a certain length of time. Leave no question unanswered and make sure your customers know you are ready to help.
  • Chat Panel
    Userlike’s browser based and highly intuitive chat client integrates the best functions of any chat platform with the high end products and services you get from Userlike.
  • Customization
    Adjust the look and feel of your chat window to your website and business style: choose your positioning, shape, colors, and logo. Do not settle for a random basic chat window that is dropped into your page- make a chat window that fits your site and works for you and the customer.
  • Contact Forms
    If not operators or reps are available when a customer clicks the chat button, you can now give them the option of having a quick and easy contact form to fill out. Make sure no customer have unanswered questions and assure your customers that you are there for them and are concerned about their needs- even after hours.
  • Chat Transcripts
    Analyze your chat history for more customer insights. Status tracking and topic tagging included. This is a helpful way to see if there are repeat problem areas or questions your customers have. These transcripts can also be useful for customer complaints, policy checks or used in training of employees.
  • Twitter And Facebook
    Customers and clients can connect with you via social media platforms. This can go a long way in helping you stay in touch with those who help drive your business. The more ways customers have to contact you the more likely they are to feel confident and comfortable doing business with you. Soial media also gives you a great opportunity to engage customers and keep them coming back time and time again.
  • Multi-Language
    The back end part of Userlike’s chat platform is available in English, German, and Dutch. The live chat widgets can be set to over 15 languages for your customers.
  • Survey
    Let your visitors answer a question before or after the chat to help you monitor and keep tabs on customer service and satisfaction ratings. Let your chat specialists see their ratings and discover what areas they excel in and what areas may need some more work.
  • Team Functions
    Userlike smartly divides incoming chats among your operators. Chats forwarding, collaboration options, and operator grouping by function.

Final Thoughts on Userlike

If you are searching for the right chat platform for your website, your search is over. Add the power of real time chat to your website and give your customers and clients access to your team form the comfort of their computers. Userlike is built around simplicity and ease of use. You will enjoy many great and helpful benefits from your membership with Userlike and you can find better ways to engage customers, draw new clients, increase profits, decrease losses, and take your business to the next level!