And the Internet just keeps on getting better all the time. It seems that people never get tired of thinking up great new ideas for how to use the internet in new and refreshing ways. When it comes down to setting some kind of alarm to wake us up for an important meeting or to catch an early morning flight, nothing wakes us up better than a telephone call. Alarms people can sleep through because people in their sleep they can just roll over and hit the off or snooze button without realizing it and then they go back to sleep and are late for that important flight or meeting that caused them to set the alarm in the first place. Plus alarm clocks are not that portable or what we would normally take on a business trip.

Telephone Reminders Are More Effective than Just a Alarm Clock

Wakerupper is a very simple to use web site that enables you to have an alarm message phoned to your telephone at whatever time you prearrange. And it is not just a phone call; users are able to customize the message that is delivered when you answer that phone call. And because it is your telephone that rings to alert you, even in the deepest slumber your mind will wake up sufficiently to answer the phone to see who it is. And by the time you have gotten the message that it is a telephone alarm to wake you, you are now sufficiently awake to stay awake and catch that early flight. Because it is a web based service, it is totally portable, and they even have their site enabled to have your alarm set from your mobile device. It really is very simple to use while you are inside the United States or Canada but you can have it call for example an American Skype In number which you have diverted to your phone outside of the United States.

Wakerupper is Free to Trial; Then Only Five Cents a Call

And the Wakerupper service is free for the first three calls to any number for you to try it out. Subsequent to you being happy with how the service works, the premium account service costs only five cents per minute of reminder calls Most reminder calls are for less than one minute in duration, and so most people pay only five cents per alarm call; compare that to the service fee charged by most hotels for the exact same service. Further, the premium service also comes with additional features like voice reminders and the snooze function if you want that; as well as setting up recurring calls of a set schedule, for example every day at the same time. The Wakerupper mobile service is part of the premium package

Potentially the service could be abused; because no proof of you owning the telephone number you set for an alarm call is required. However, if any person complains and asks for their number to be blocked, the user who set that alarm call in the first instance is locked out of the system completely and they are barred from the service thereafter. In this sense, Wakerupper is a permissive service, allow people to use the service intelligently; however at the first sign of abuse a user will have all privileges cancelled and denied.

Creating Your Wakerupper Account Only Takes a few Seconds

Creating your account is simple and easy to do; just requiring a user name and preferred password as well as your phone number and desired time zone. After clicking the confirmation email link, you are able to log in to your account and have a look around. There is really not much to the site and it is very uncluttered with an easy to follow menu. You will find that you are automatically credited with fifty cents ready to set a few alarms. Under the Account Summary tab, you can change your time zone, set up the snooze time period and to change your email address and password. The phone number you used when creating your account is the default one for your account, however you can add as many other numbers as you wish perhaps for your office and home land lines. And it is also a simple matter to see a summary of your up and coming calls schedule, which you can modify with just the click of a few buttons.

Scheduling Calls With Wakerupper Takes No Time To Do

And perhaps easiest of all is scheduling a call by giving the item a name, setting the time for the call to be made, whether it is to be on a repeating schedule of daily, weekly, monthly o9r the many other options you can select from. And you select which number to call from the ones you have set up in your account. Finally you enter any message of up to one hundred characters you want to have delivered to you as a reminder of what the call is for ñ perhaps a business meeting you cannot afford to forget. And buying credits is also very simple to do using your PayPal account or credit card linked to your PayPal.

Because humans are not involved in the making of the scheduled alarm calls, you can trust that computers will be reliable and trust worthy when they deliver the call to you. Overall, it is a extremely easy service to set up and use; presenting great value at only an average of five cents per delivered call. Busy people now have no excuse of missing important dates and times, business meetings and early morning flight times. We have the Internet and the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology for why the service of Wakerupper is so cheap and affordable; that is the greedy telephone companies are not gouging their extortionate profits out of Wakerupper for running their business, and the VOIP provider for Wakerupper is able to deliver all its calls over the internet as low cost local calls from the switches.