Yahoo is a powerful brand name that many have long been familiar with – for good reason, too. This wildly popular internet authority has made it extremely convenient for virtually anyone to search the web, read the latest news, and access a premium email service, free of charge.

In the past, it has been as simple as visiting in your web browser of choice to gain access to these amazing, free services.

But, did you know that the official Yahoo Mail email app has made it easier than ever for you to take advantage of these online perks – all from the convenience of your mobile device? That’s right. You can now simply use your thumb to tap on a ‘Yahoo Mail’ icon on your iPhone or Android device in order to search for local movie showtimes, breeze through the latest national news headlines, and send or receive private emails from absolutely anywhere in the world.

Best of all, all that you’ll need to get started is a free Yahoo Mail account which can be registered at, in case you don’t already have one. After signing up for your Yahoo Mail account (which will require you to verify your account with a simple text message confirmation code) you’ll be ready to install the App Store’s version of Yahoo Mail if you’re an iOS user, or download the Google Play Store’s version of Yahoo Mail if you’re running Android.

Once you’ve successfully registered a free Yahoo Mail account (or gathered your old account credentials) and installed the appropriate Yahoo Mail app for your mobile platform (iOS or Android) then you’ll be prepared to streamline your smartphone or tablet with one of the most powerful email tools available!

Let’s dig a little deeper…

Navigating Your Yahoo Mail ‘Inbox’ Home Screen

After logging in to the Yahoo Mail mobile app – you’ll be presented with your new email inbox by default. This home screen is a pleasant, straightforward and easy-to-use “list” of your emails – categorized with your newest emails positioned at the top.

To compose a new email, simply tap on the small icon representing a notepad and pencil located near the upper right-hand corner of the home screen – directly to the right of the ‘Search mail’ bar. This will allow you to send out quick emails to friends, family, co-workers or absolutely anyone else that you choose as you lounge around the house, or while you’re in the midst of running errands throughout the city. You’ll always be able to use your new Yahoo Mail mobile app to instantly communicate with those who you need to reach.

Gaining Access to the Hottest ‘All Stories’ News Headlines

While your personal email inbox is displayed as your home screen by default, you’ll likely find it extremely convenient to tap on the small tabloid-style icon located in the middle of the upper right-hand corner of your screen when you wish to gain immediate access the world’s latest news headlines.

After tapping on the icon which represents a small newspaper or tabloid – you’ll be prompted with something that looks like the following screen…

These are your personal news headlines that are constantly being updated with the latest buzz to hit the mobile web.

You can drag your thumb upwards, towards the top of the screen, to browse through some of the best news stories that Yahoo has aggregated from across the internet. You’ll typically see high-quality headlines from sports media publishers like SB Nation and NBC Sports, or premium celebrity news stories from Business Insider or Tumblr contributors. And of course, you’ll receive standard news headlines from traditional media sources such as CNBC, Reuters and Associated Press.

Quick tip: Drag your thumb downwards, towards the bottom of your screen, to refresh your news headlines with the latest breaking stories.

Search the Web using ‘Yahoo Today’ for Maximum Convenience

The final icon located in the far upper right-hand corner of your home screen is a square with the letter ‘Y’ displayed. Not only does tapping this icon provide you with instant access to your local weather, but it also provides you with a gateway to the internet through Yahoo’s search engine…

You’ve now briefly witnessed the fact that Yahoo has packed everything you could possibly need into one easy-to-use and powerful mobile app which provides you with so much more than just email…

And while email does take up a significant share of our time spent using mobile – Yahoo has realized that integrating the ability to access news headlines, weather information and web searches alongside this exact area where you perform your daily correspondence (email) is a winning formula. So, Yahoo has literally provided you with just about everything that you could possibly need in a single mobile app.

In addition to this, Yahoo Mail also gives users the ability to check on the status of Amazon packages, provides access to daily horoscope’s, and delivers instant “travel deal” notifications from world-renowned services such as CheapTickets and Orbitz.

However, there are still a few more Yahoo Mail features for you to see!

View Sent Mail, Spam, Trash and Personalized Folders

In the top-left corner of your screen, you’ll see three bars stacked horizontally amongst one another. Tapping on this icon will provide you with a “left side” navigational display which prompts you with a series of options. Some of these options include the ability to view your sent mail, visit your virtual trash can, access your personalized folders and much more…

Yahoo has made it extremely easy for you to access drafts of your email by simply tapping on the ‘Drafts’ button. This way, you can put together an initial draft of an important email, take an hour-long break, and then come back to re-visit your email draft before actually sending it off.

“Starring” your emails is also a time-tested technique to ensure that you’ll remember those ultra-important emails from family members, co-workers and businesses. Visiting your ‘Starred’ folder is a great way to store flight confirmation numbers, email receipts and shipment tracking codes.

Quick tip: You should also visit your ‘Spam’ folder regularly to ensure that important emails aren’t being delivered to your spam folder by mistake.

Choose Your Favorite Email Theme to Make Yahoo Mail Even More Attractive

From the same “left side” navigational screen which we’ve discussed immediately above this text – you’ll see an option listed below the ‘Tools’ section which displays a ‘Themes’ button.

Tapping on the ‘Themes’ text will provide you with the ability to choose a colorful new theme for your entire Yahoo Mail mobile suite!

From here, you can drag your finger through the extensive list of theme options in order to choose a theme that best suits your style.

Choosing a vibrant beach theme or an icy mountain view is a good way to lighten up the “seriousness” which we often associate with email.

In fact, email doesn’t always have to be an anxiety-inducing process, and Yahoo has made that quite clear in their newest version of the Yahoo Mail app. They’ve made obvious efforts to smooth out the rough edges that often infuriate users of mobile email. You won’t have to deal with laggy load times or unresponsive buttons on the newest versions of Yahoo Mail for iOS and Android. Yahoo has ensured that their app is fast, reliable and efficient. This is great news for anyone who wants to instantly communicate with others by tapping a few buttons, typing some text and hitting “send.” It really is that just that simple.

Overall, Yahoo Mail has created an ultra-accessible email app that does so much more than just send and receive email.

This app is more like a comprehensive mobile platform for accessing all of the things that you already love to do on the internet. Yahoo Mail has just made it that much easier for you to send emails, gain access to the latest news and information, and search the web. You now have almost everything that you need in a single app, and life is becoming almost too convenient for smartphone users like ourselves.

However, this is a wonderful thing, as your life is only becoming more streamlined and simplified – as apps become more and more advanced by the day. So take advantage of the opportunities which Yahoo Mail presents to you today – and install this app right now in case you haven’t already!

You might even end up thanking Yahoo for the extreme level of convenience they’ve brought into your life.